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BE Your Epic  Self for your Own Personal Transformation

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Soul Detox Train the Trainer

A usual transformational coaching session with Suria costs $1,000

You're getting at least 12 transformational sessions with her across the year.

That's minimum $12,000 value

NO, it's NOT $12,000....

NOT even $1500....

NOT even $500....

It's LESS than a Starbucks coffee a day...

JUST US$1.65 a day...

You may charge $997 per coaching client

You cover your full fees at only 4 clients

Change your life for just US$1.65 a day,

That's right.

You can Create a $100,000 6 figure yearly income with 10 coaching clients a month

What You Get:

The Complete 10 Module Be Epic Course, Done at Your Own Time & Pace

BONUS #1: BE EPIC Transformational Action Guide Workbook

BONUS #2: BE EPIC Companion Journal

BONUS #3: BE EPIC Affirmations Dream Book

BONUS #4: BE EPIC Thrive & Bloom Music Therapy

BONUS #5: BE EPIC Manifest Your Dream Life Deep Dive Meditation

BONUS #6: BE EPIC Clarity & Blindspot Group Coaching (2 Sessions)

BONUS #7: Exclusive Private BE EPIC Online Community

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Soul Detox : BE Your Epic Self for your Own Personal Transformation



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Soul Detox Train the Trainer


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I'm grateful that I found myself again

"It's been so many years I've been stuck in a deepest and darkest place, a place without trace of light, no anyone else, there's only me. The place surrounded by so many negative energy which just like a magnet kept me in the deep dark place.

Because of all these, I had insomnia for quite a long period of time, I can't sleep, i know I'm exhausted but I just can't sleep.

People go jogging for health, to increase stamina but I ran in order to make myself more tired so that I can sleep in the night.

I'm so numb to everything, so numb, no feeling at all, so empty from inside out. No smile, no face expression, plastic smile, plastic face expression, just like a zombie, a body totally without soul as a result of cemented all of the bad energy deep in my body.

Why did i suffered all these? Why am i having all those stress? Why? Why? So many why?

It's okay to be not okay, i cracked the cement, let it all out, all the bad energy, all the stress, feel it, feel the most painful moment, feel the most miserable feeling, get all the feeling together and i made a decision to release it, just release it, cut it all off and heal the wound with lots of LOVE.

I'm grateful that i found myself again, the strong guy, the brave guy who deserves all the happiness, the freedom, the smile from the bottom of my heart, i even grateful that i found back the 5 years old Henry who had a very very memorable, so much joy and fun childhood with my brother, i can sense the true happiness.

I had an awesome sleep after the Soul of Success program, my body was so relax, so light just like i'm floating in the universe.

Thanks Suria and all facis for the great supports, so much energy so much love from you guys.

Thanks all the beautiful souls, i'm so grateful to know you all, we are Soul of Success19.

Thanks with lots of LOVE to my amazing brother Edward Cheng drive all the way from KL and brought me to joined this program.

I'm so at ease, so at peace, so free. I love myself and I respect myself. "

~Henry Cheng, Attendee of Soul of Success by Suria

It helped me pull myself up and survive through all the downs

"I'm so thankful and honoured that I am learning from the best of the best!

I was down, depressed, jobless and going through suicidal before coming across iSuccess. But it was Suria and my lovely coaches who lifted me up, pull me up and push me going.

Thank you for believing in me when nobody does.

It was iSuccess who provides me the skills, tools, platform, coaching and mentorship. It helped me pull myself up and survive through all the downs to who I am today, able to speak and share in small group and big group setting. I was once an introvert, aloof and can't even speak with others.

I am ok to share my mess and story to others now and I proudly share to others it was iSuccess, Super Awesome Mentor Suria and my coaches.

I just had a review with my counsellor, she was so surprised for the tremendous improvement and change within me and my life. She ask how do I manage that, I shared about iSuccess support and she is very happy and encourage me to continue in the circle.

She mentioned I do not need to be back again, neither do I need to see any more psychiatrist, etc. Case closed! And throughout seeing them I didn't not consume any of the medicine prescribed at all, I go for natural healing and exercise the tools they shared and what I learned in iSuccess, FLY and SOS (Soul of Success)

My deepest gratitude to Mentor Suria for your unconditional love and support, thank you iSuccess for all the wonderful program which helps me and people around me, especially FLY and Soul Of Success!

I strongly encourage all of you to attend.

~Vanessa Ang, Attendee of Soul of Success by Suria

You will be surprised that the answers are within You!

"You will be surprise that the answers are within You!
I got my relief after attending Soul Of Success, an inner journey program!

I was searching for a peaceful life and wanted to achieve many good things as I encountered many challenges and disappointments in my journey as I was searching for peace outside me!

Now I am aware of the Beautiful Soul in me and yes I have the choice over my destiny, and not from anyone else!
Most of us had forgotten the inner Soul in us.
I sincerely Encourage you to participate in this program at least once in your life time, which is an Experiential learning process!"

~Rama Chandran, Attendee of Soul of Success by Suria